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The rejuvenating summer,
among mountains of well-being and nature

Green Soul

The natural and sustainable holiday in a green hotel in Madonna di Campiglio

Choosing Hotel Gianna means ensuring a mountain holiday that combines relaxation, beauty, and environmental sustainability.

Hotel with Quality Park Certification

Quality Park

Since September 2005, we have held the “Hotel Quality Park” certification, a quality certification that involves tourism operators, agri-food companies, and schools committed to ensuring respect for the environment for sustainable development. In 2001, the Adamello Brenta Park, of which we are a part became the first in Europe to obtain ISO 14001 Certification, which preceded the Quality Park certification.

That’s why we are proud and happy to offer you a green holiday in an eco-friendly hotel in Madonna di Campiglio!

What We Do for the Environment

for the Environment

We adopt several measures to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability. We implement waste sorting for proper waste management, strive for energy savings, and have installed dry floor heating with natural granules. Additionally, we have applied thermal insulation to prevent heat loss and improve energy efficiency.

Home automation allows us to efficiently manage the entire structure, optimising resource usage and reducing consumption. We prefer the use of pellets instead of fossil fuels, harness clean energy from renewable sources, and provide a convenient charging station for electric cars.

If you love nature and want to contribute to sustainability even while traveling, choose our eco-friendly hotel in Madonna di Campiglio: a holiday that benefits both you and the environment!
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