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Here, you will also live in an eco friendly hotel: the ‘Park Quality’ certificate proves our respect for nature, the environment and your health!

The Quadrifoglio wellness centre

Enjoy lucky wellness in your hotel looking onto the Dolomites

For your wellness holiday in the Trentino area, in Madonna di Campiglio, the 4 star Gianna Hotel awaits you in its 400 sq. m. fully equipped spa.

Yours will be a lucky holiday, as suggested by the four-leaf clover, symbol of the Gianna Hotel, which represents our 4 main strengths.


Revitalizing water massages. Cold fog with mint natural essence and refreshing blue colour therapy. Tropical rain with marakuja natural essence and orange colour therapy for tropical sensations.

CALIDARIUM (45° - 48° C HUMIDITY 100%)

Indicated for improving respiratory functions. The warm steam facilitates the regulation of the PH of the skin, as well as its hydration and cleansing. The addition of steam with natural essences allows you to enjoy a pleasant and beneficial aromatic bath. The treatment room features a cold shower for Kneipp baths, which are surprisingly beneficial for blood circulation, thanks to the hot-cold reaction involved. Recommended length of the treatment: 15-20 minutes.


By putting one foot at a time in the cold water tank you will obtain surprising benefits thanks to the hot-cold reaction involved. The stones at the bottom of the tank will massage your feet and help improve blood circulation.

FRIGIDARIUM (5° - 10° C)

An ice container is used as a reaction element after hot baths, to stimulate your blood circulation and allow you to enjoy a pleasant refreshing feeling.

The treatment has a duration of 3-5 minutes.

SAUNA (80° - 100° C - HUMIDITY 10 - 15%)

For a feeling of intense wellness, try this sequence 2 times in a row: after taking a preliminary shower and drying off, complete our stone path, enter the sauna for 8-12 minutes, then exit and walk around, even in the open air.

Then enjoy our Frigidarium treatment and complete the stone path once again.

SWIMMING POOL 40 SQ. M. (28° - 33°C)

Counter-current swimming, ergonomic air-water whirlpool, massage cave, waterfall, crystal therapy.


In addition to the well-known benefits of a hydro-massage, you can also opt to direct it on specific parts of the body: its effects will favour firming of the body and help fight stress, rheumatisms, arthritis, respiratory conditions and insomnia.

Furthermore, your skin will benefit from the relaxing water massages, in terms of tone, smoothing and distension, while the body will gradually let go of stress and restore its strength.


Combine the swimming pool and wellness routes with the very best aesthetic treatments and specifically customized massages: enjoy complete wellness.

In addition to traditional aesthetic treatments, face-body massages and a solarium, in the Gianna Hotel you can also find exclusive treatments such as the Cloud Pool, where you will float on a soft mattress. We recommend the special back package, one of our best-known offers, which allows you to restore your muscular flexibility and motion harmony with its specific massages and treatments.

The products we use in our wellness centre, which are also available for sale, contain only natural substances, with no synthetic fragrances, colouring agents or preservatives.


A Finnish sauna for outdoor use is at your disposal to enjoy a unique atmosphere! Being outdoors, enjoying the snowy landscape or our garden park in summer, complete your Wellness Outdoor experience

Hydromassage, kneipp and bucket shower


Our wellness treatments are available not only for guests of the hotel, but also for external customers