Dolomites Natural Wellness

Move, breathe, listen and meditate with Nature!

We are one of the Natural Wellness hotels in Madonna di Campiglio because we strongly believe that mental and physical well-being should also be sought in contact with nature.

Our guests can participate for free in the holistic activities of the Dolomiti Natural Wellness, organized weekly and guided.

Here are some examples of the proposed activities:

  • Walking barefoot: walking barefoot to rediscover a vital connection with the natural environment
  • Natural Kneipp in mountain streams
  • Silence Room: paths where silence reigns and where to meditate or do yoga
  • Tree Hugging: embracing trees to rediscover deep contact with Mother Nature
  • Land art in the snow
  • Cold friend: relaxation techniques and development of “inner warmth”

Upon your arrival at the hotel, you can ask us about the Natural Wellness activities planned during your stay.

In our large garden of 1000 square meters, there is the right space and atmosphere for those who like to do yoga or replicate some Natural Wellness practices discovered in the guided tours.

You will also find 2 fountains from which Monte Spinale water flows, to complete your wellness experience with a good glass of fresh water.

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