We are Eco-Friendly!

Ecotourism as "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment"

Our Hotel strictly respect fundamental rules to support more and more a conscious eco-friendly:

  • Reduction and recycling of waste products
  • Energy savings, thanks to the adoption of modern technologies available
  • Biosfloor, dry floor with natural grit
  • Promotion of our territory, the natural and cultural heritage, with menu that enhance our typical enogastronomy  and suggestion of various itineraries, in close contact with the surrounding landscape (DoloMeetCard, ParcoCard, GuestCard)
  • We try to involve tourists in sustainable behaviours, encouraging correct practises to make them equally responsible

Other active actions to achieve the objectives “green”:

  • Thermal coat with the aim to optimize the thermal performance of the building by eliminating those points of the structure in which they have preferential paths for the heat dispersion
  • Home automation for the management of the entire structure, supervision of the facilities, resource optimization,ease of use and energy savings
  • Using the pellets in place of fossil fuels to produce hot water and heating
  • Obtaining the Environmental certificate “Quality Park”; The verification of the fulfillment of the green requirements is conducted by an international body, Det Norske Veritas

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