Habsburg Carnival in Madonna di Campiglio

Experience the lifestyle of another time during carnival week in Madonna di Campiglio

Evocation of the historical Royal Court during the Habsburg Carnival!


Madonna di Campiglio


Village centre and Salone Hofer

Early on in its history as a popular alpine destination, Madonna di Campiglio had truly regal beginnings when, at the end of the 19th century, it was frequently host to the Habsburg imperial court, including Emperor Franz Joseph I and Elizabeth of Bavaria, as well as other illustrious members of European royalty and aristocracy.
To this day, Madonna di Campiglio relives the lifestyle of those times, with antique carriages rolling through Strada dell’Imperatore (Emperor’s Road), the hussars accompanying their ladies out for a ride in their troikas, the rustling of elegant evening gowns as they dance to the rhythm of a Viennese waltz.

Costume Ball with the emperor and the Habsburg court. Booking at the ApT and costume are compulsory

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