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GREEN ROUTE - historic center

Facing backwards the tourist office, turn left and pass the Des Alpes hotel; take the road on the right, which at first passes in front of the church of the village and the St. Maria Antiqua church (point of inte-rest nr 1) and then go alongside the Salone Hofer (point of interest nr 2 ). At the end of this little road take the main road on the left; go straight to Monte Spinale street, pass the Spinale cableway and the little lake. At the end of the lake, take the road on the left towards Vallesinella and, after less than 100 mt, turn right towards the Brenta square. After the square, turn left and go to the little bridge on Sarca river. Pass the bridge, turn right up to the end of the road; now go uphill on the left and at the crossroads take the Dolomiti di Brenta street on the right. Go straight ahead to the end of the street, pass Sissi square and Righi square (the pedestrian center). From Righi square keep the left and take the road uphill that passes in front of the Slalom stadium (point of interest nr 3 ); after the stadium, continue walking uphill, turn right in the end of the road and pass in front of the Pradalago cableway; go down to the tourist office again.

YELLOW ROUTE - Campiglio route
From the tourist office go to the green area with the play-ground in the center, go uphill to the Spinale cableway, pass the congress center, and take the route just above it. Follow the paved road for some hundred meters, turn left towards the Regole house. Go downhill to the wood, cross the paved road that enters Vallesinella, go downhill along this road to Sarca river. Cross the wooden bridge, go uphill on the right orographic bank of the river towards the road, cross the little woods at the back of the houses and arrive at the state highway. Cross the state highway and continue to go uphill along Colarin river and then into the wood, pass the road towards the Panorama area, up to meet the “Siori” path which leads to the Adamello road. Go along this road to the Police station, turn left and enter into the wood; go on as far as reaching 5 Laghi cableway, the “Canaloni Miramonti” ski run and the northern entrance of the tunnel. Cross Sarca di Nambino river, go towards the road to Val Nambino, go straight ahead up to the ski run which goes downhill from Pradalago area. Go to Rio Grotte, keep left and follow the paved road to the village.

ORANGE ROUTE - Montagnoli Zeledria Nambino

Facing backwards the tourist office turn left and go uphill to a croassroads; go straight ahead and take the Grotte path, pass the Grostè cableway and keep right going uphill along the ski run that arrives at Malga Montagnoli refuge. From the refuge take the forest road that goes downhill to Campo Carlo Magno, crossing the road from Grostè (at this crossroads turn left). When you arrive at Campo Carlo Magno plain, turn right along the golf course (point of interest nr 9 ). Go around the golf course, turn left towards the state highway, cross it and take the path that goes to “Palù da la Fava” area and then to Malga Zeledria. Just after Malga Zeledria, take the forest road and go on up to Nambino flat land along the path titled to Nella and Bruno Detassis. Bruno, the King and the Guardian of Brenta, author of more than new 200 climbing ways, was one of the greatest Alpinists of the last century, valued for his genuine and respectful approach to the mountain. From Nambino flat land go downhill to the village.

BLUE ROUTE - Nambino Ritort

From the tourist office go to Righi square; take Dolomiti di Brenta road, pass Sissi square and when you find the chemist’s go uphill to Adamello road. Go through it up to a parking and take the Campiglio route. After about 500 mt, leave the Campiglio route and take the road to the Panorama area; pass the Panorama hotel and go to Milegna area. From here take the road to Malga Ritorto and then take the paved road to the Patascoss parking. At the entrance of the parking, take the path on the left to Nambino lake. When you arrive at the lake, follow directions to Campo Carlo Magno up to cross the forest road; turn left towards Cascina Zeledria. From here go dowhill along the hairpin bend and at the third hairpin bend take the path on the right near the houses and enter into the wood; pass the Fortini chairlift and go straight ahead in order to come back to the village.

Alternative roads:

1) from Malga Milegna, before arriving at Malga Ritorto, you can take the path on the right that leads again to the Colarin area, where you can take the Campiglio route and come back to the village.

2) from Nambino Lake you can take the summer path that leads to Nambino plain shortly and from there to the center of the village.

RED ROUTE - Fevri Vallesinella

From the tourist office take uphill the road on the left, follow it to the crossroads with the forest road that goes uphill to the Empress square (point of interest nr 4 ) and to Malga Fevri (point of interest nr10). Go straight on the forest road (for about 2 km) up to Malga Fevri, where there is a wonderful panorama on the Brenta Dolomites. Pass Malga Fevri and follow directions to the Vallesinella refuge (about 1,5 km). From the refuge go downhill to the “Cascate di Sotto” waterfalls (point of interest nr 12), go to Malga Brenta Bassa - another beautiful panoramic point - and follow directions to Madonna di Campiglio.

Back way: from Malga Fevri, after about 1 km you can go towards the Vallesinella refuge and take the so called “sentiero dell’orso” path to go back to the village.

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" With temps over 100 for weeks in central Italy, we couldnt wait to get back to the cool of the Dolomites. This was another perfect trip, and as usual Hotel Gianna was a big part of that. The location is perfect, absolutely silent and peaceful. The spa and wellness center are stylish and harmonious, and the restaurant is a cozy option with a varied menu when we dont feel like leaving the hotel (there are plenty of good restaurants in walking distance....but after a day of hiking, biking and massages you dont always have the energy!) But what really makes the difference every time is the Armani family- Rudi, Gianna, Cristian, Federico and Claudia make you feel part of the family, and go out of their way to help with everything, making for a *very* relaxing vacation. Hospitality, style and value all in one place. Thank you friends, we'll be back!! "
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